Cocalico Family Fund

The Cocalico Family Fund was started in 2009 as a way to provide families with financial assistance for items that are often not covered by other systems. Since then, the Cocalico Family Fund has helped families by funding numerous items like the following: Eyeglasses, prescription medication, psychological evaluations, rental assistance, food, uniforms for the CTC, supplies for school graduation, funeral assistance, educational trips, summer school, medical supplies and dental services.

Since the funds inception we have spent over $65,800 to support families.

The Cocalico Care Center (CCC), the Cocalico Education Foundation (CEF), and the Cocalico School District (CSD) are collaborating to provide some much-needed support for Cocalico families who have children ages Birth-5. Together, we have established the role of a Early Learning Mentor. Providing resources and supports to children and their caregivers before they begin school will promote language, literacy, and numeracy skill development. In turn, this will decrease the children’s need for intensive remediation and support after entering Kindergarten; it will also increase the quality of their eventual contributions to the local community.

Donations made to CEF can be designated for the Cocalico Family Fund as well as for the Early Learning Mentor.

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